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Social advertising with guaranteed performance or your money back*

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Facebook Advertising provides top ROI for Services Providers and Retailers

  • Service Providers

    Lead Generation 

    If you provide services, you want to –

    Reach a very specific audience

    That is in the market for your services

    And promote an offer to them

    Generating Quality Leads

  • Retailers

    Proximity Marketing

    If you own a retail location, you want to –

    Reach a specific audience

    Close to your location

    That responds to promotion

    Generating Quality Walk-Ins

Here's why you should trust me!

The key to the effectiveness of any advertising campaign is to have clear goals set from the very beginning. My job is to earn your trust and life long business by providing you with NO BS results focused service.

"Why in the heck should you listen to me anyways?"

I won't say that I know it all as if that were the case I would be sipping some pina colidas on the beach right now 😎

What I can guarantee you is if we decide to work together that our priority with ANY of your advertising campaigns is to get you results.

Some campaigns may take longer than others to see a positive ROI and some just flat out bomb.

So let's be clear on that from the start. There is no magic button in advertising, however I believe we have gathered all the right elements under one agency to help you scale your business.

PROMISE me this if we do work together....

You will let us do what we do..

And we will let you do what you do!

Just make sure you call those leads I send you ASAP!

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You Are Only 1 Great Ad Away From Scaling Your Business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How quickly can I start seeing results?

    A.Your results will depend on a lot of factors so that’s going to be hard to say. It depends on the type of campaign we are running, the medium, the reach and the offer itself. Your consultant will go into detail on campaign expectations to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Q.Can you really make a guarantee on your facebook ads?

    A.Absolutely! What we guarantee is the number of people your ad will reach and the frequency of the ad seen by those reached within a given month. Because of our bad ass technology partner, we are only a handful of agencies that can make such a guarantee. Aren’t you lucky you found us?

  • Q.How many sales can I expect from an email advertisement?

    A.We can not guarantee sales. Our email database is double opt in consumer based with over 700 various segments. Our clients typically see a 10-20% open rate and a 1-2% click thru rate depending on the offer.

  • Q.What magazines can you place me in?

    A.Most of the top prestigious magazines you are familiar with both nationally and locally depending on your budget. Please scroll above to see a small sample of the print media that we work with. Your marketing consultant can tailor a brand strategy perfect for you, your budget and your taste.

  • Q.I've tried facebook ads before & it didn't work for me, why are you different?

    A.Our agency is different from other agencies because we have worked with various industries across the spectrum and have a good understanding of how to have the Facebook algorithm work in your favor. The best ROIs will come from campaigns that are run at minimum 6 months as it allows us the time to optimize and adjust the offer for you for better results.

  • Q.I've tried email marketing before with no luck, how can this work?

    A.There is no magic bullet to email marketing. With that being said, within our database we can custom the interest, buying behaviors, income, homeowner, renter and other segmentation to give your campaign the best possible outcome. As with any advertising the best ROIs come from running the ads at minimum 6 months.


You Are Only 1 Great Ad Away From Scaling Your Business!

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