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Democratic Debate 2015: What a Joke!!!









While most in the US were watching the Democratic Debate and getting brainwashed with the same old BS rhetoric, I was planning out a new Real Estate company we are in the process of launching. My solution is to get rich. Why not, this is suppose to be the richest country in the world..right?

Regardless to how you vote or even if you vote in presidential elections at all, I think it is foolish to look for these people in government to save your financial mess. I mean seriously if they can’t manage to budget their own finances, what makes you think they can help you.

Besides the fact this country will never be debt free with as much that’s owed to China. And then to top that off where can you pay off a debt with debt instruments? It’s a lose lose scenario folks. I hate to be the one to have to give you the cold hard facts but these clowns in government would never tell you the truth because if they did it would be a matter of Treason.

But I digress, you want to know the party that will fix your financial woes?

Get up!

Go look in the mirror. That”s the ONLY party that will fix your finances.

Stop waiting for someone in government to save you and go save yourself and your family. Its really simple, go make more freaking money! Go get paid! Get paid more than what you got paid last month and keep that aim each and every single month.

There are a GAZILLION ways to make more money in this beautiful land called the USA. Even if you are outside the USA you can come here by way of the internet and get paid! That is the solution to your problems.

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