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Urgent Message From CashFlow Queen Kenetra

Dear Business Owner,

First off we only work with serious aggressive business owners that want to truly grow their business. Our time is very valuable and we only select the best to spend our time with helping them expand their businesses online. With that said we want to get rid of tire kickers and freebie seekers and lookie loos.

So to weed out the bad apples and only spend our valuable time with serious people like you that really want help, I have instituted a 100% fully refundable $99 USD security deposit to spend a minimum of 45 minutes up to an hour with me by phone/webinar in a personal marketing strategy consultation. If you have a problem putting up a $99 deposit, you are not the ideal client we are looking to work with. We wish you well in your efforts!

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  • professional webdesign (mobile friendly)
  • google + listing + optimizationgoogle-maps
  • google local maps optimization
  • google local search
  • CRM & workflow integration
  • directory listings (top 100+)
  • article concept & writing
  • article directory submission
  • facebook biz page design
  • twitter page creation
  • instagram marketing
  • facebook advertising
  • webretargeting advertising service
  • youtube page design & marketing
  • professional web video
  • digital product creation
  • Mobile marketing services
  • Automated marketing funnel system


Our policy is very simple. I believe in giving you value and will overdeliver on what I share with you in regards to marketing your business. If we decide that we want to work together and have room to take you on as a client then your security deposit will go towards your marketing services. If you honestly feel you did not receive the value over and above your security deposit, simply let me know and I will refund your money no questions asked.

Once you make your deposit, you will be taken to a client survey questionnaire that you will need to complete in its entirety. Non completed surveys over 24 hours will result in an automatic refund of deposit and I’ll take that as you are not a fit for us to work together. After you have completed the client questionnaire survey, you will be taken to my calendar to schedule your 45 minute marketing strategy session with me.

I look forward to speaking with you.

CashFlow Queen Kenetra

P.S. Also please understand my staff is small and we can only take on up to 10 new clients per month. So if you do not see a place to click to pay your deposit that means we are at full capacity. Try back another time.

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