It’s Not Always About What You’re Marketing….

Let’s talk a little bit about marketing online as a professional versus screaming NEWBIE on your forehead ;-). I believe when I’m approached about a business opportunity that its more important to me HOW the person approaches me, sometimes even more important than the product/service they are offering.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s take a look at the network marketing or mlm industry. Most of the recruiting techniques used in this day and age are outdated….go write a list of 100 family and friends and beg them to get in your deal. Yeah Right! That may work on a few people but most people won’t even give you a chance if your marketing is not the way in which they would like to market.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you are begging your prospect to get into your deal, they are put off because they don’t want to have to get in and then beg their folks to get into their deal…you catch my drift.

Now let’s switch gears here and talk about the millennium autopilot marketing that you SHOULD be doing (nudge nudge) to build your business and attract people that want to join your business because they like the ease and style of your marketing.


Never send traffic directly to your company or affiliate deal without capturing the visitors info (at bare minimum get their email address)…then follow these steps:

[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Have a compelling offer ( I say this but know that I’ve seen the craziest biz opps and products sell online and so have you ;-) the secret is the marketing system)
  • Get an aweber or getresponse autoresponder to collect the email addresses of your website visitors.
  • Create an opt in/lead capture page (Something like this page. I just used optimizepress to do it, nothing really technical)
  • Drive targeted biz opp traffic to your page you created above.
  • Have a 5-7 day email series inside your autoresponder that goes out each day for 5-7 days to that new lead that you caputured. Your email series should EDUCATE the visitor on your product/service. Don’t just try to sell sell sell but educate educate educate and let them know how your product/service helps them do X. Use testimonials, case studies, and your own success with it if you have it.
  • If after the 5-7 day email series they have yet to buy into your deal, then hit them with a webinar pretty much covering everything you went over in the emails. Sometimes people need to see you on video a few times before they trust you. You can host your webinar via Google Hangouts or you can use this webinar tool I recommend because they don’t have a monthly fee. Obviously there are various options when it comes to webinar platforms. Don’t get caught up in the details just get it going!


This process can be more elaborate than I’ve mentioned above and you can also scale it way back, but the cool thing is once you set this up for your business, you can just go in and tweak whatever needs to be tweaked and make little adjustments that boost your conversions.

Most people want to be able to plug into an easy marketing system that they can use, so when they are looking at your business you better believe they are looking more to the marketing system you have wrapped around that business!

Any thoughts? Comments? Questions? Post below, I can talk all day about marketing ;-)


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