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Your Marketing Funnel System

Is your marketing funnel system set up properly? I was asking a potential student of mine what their conversion rates where and all I got was silence. This is one of the biggest mistakes network marketers make…not understanding marketing and running the biz like a biz.

So let’s cut to it. You should have a lot of moving parts to your marketing funnel system. I’ll name the most important ones here:

  • opt in/lead capture pageĀ sales-funnel
  • funded proposal
  • kick ass offer
  • automated marketing system
  • your main core product/service
  • upsells
  • downsells
  • automated follow up system
  • targeted website traffic

These are pretty much the basics to have a well constructed marketing funnel system. The key is to get all of this set up and working for you on auto pilot so that you can do what you want to do and not have to watch over your biz like its a job. That’s the whole reason we are in network marketing…right…for TIME FREEDOM BABY!

My next few blog posts will go more in depth on each of these pointers to help you get a better overall picture of the whole thing.

Let me know if you’ve got questions below.

Happy Marketing