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Democratic Debate 2015: What a Joke!!!









While most in the US were watching the Democratic Debate and getting brainwashed with the same old BS rhetoric, I was planning out a new Real Estate company we are in the process of launching. My solution is to get rich. Why not, this is suppose to be the richest country in the world..right?

Regardless to how you vote or even if you vote in presidential elections at all, I think it is foolish to look for these people in government to save your financial mess. I mean seriously if they can’t manage to budget their own finances, what makes you think they can help you.

Besides the fact this country will never be debt free with as much that’s owed to China. And then to top that off where can you pay off a debt with debt instruments? It’s a lose lose scenario folks. I hate to be the one to have to give you the cold hard facts but these clowns in government would never tell you the truth because if they did it would be a matter of Treason.

But I digress, you want to know the party that will fix your financial woes?

Get up!

Go look in the mirror. That”s the ONLY party that will fix your finances.

Stop waiting for someone in government to save you and go save yourself and your family. Its really simple, go make more freaking money! Go get paid! Get paid more than what you got paid last month and keep that aim each and every single month.

There are a GAZILLION ways to make more money in this beautiful land called the USA. Even if you are outside the USA you can come here by way of the internet and get paid! That is the solution to your problems.

If you’re serious and really want a way out of the financial trap you are in, and you are willing to roll your sleeves up and work hard for you and your families financial future, Check out this free report I put together that guarantees you an extra $780 per month. Obviously $780 won’t make you rich but it is a really good place to start accumulating a nice monthly residual income and who knows you may be one of the serious ones that will follow our proven plan and step into the top 1% earners in this country.

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Grant Cardone: How to Become a Millionaire by Age 30

Getting rich and becoming a millionaire is a taboo topic. Saying it can be done by the age of 30 seems like a fantasy.

It shouldn’t be taboo and it is possible. At the age of 21, I got out of college, broke and in debt, and by the time I was 30, I was a millionaire.

Here are the 10 steps that will guarantee you will become a millionaire by 30.

1. Follow the money. In today’s economic environment you cannot save your way to millionaire status. The first step is to focus on increasing your income in increments and repeating that. My income was $3,000 a month and nine years later it was $20,000 a month. Start following the money and it will force you to control revenue and see opportunities.

2. Don’t show off — show up! I didn’t buy my first luxury watch or car until my businesses and investments were producing multiple secure flows of income. I was still driving a Toyota Camry when I had become a millionaire. Be known for your work ethic, not the trinkets that you buy.

3. Save to invest, don’t save to save. The only reason to save money is to invest it.  Put your saved money into secured, sacred (untouchable) accounts. Never use these accounts for anything, not even an emergency. This will force you to continue to follow step one (increase income). To this day, at least twice a year, I am broke because I always invest my surpluses into ventures I cannot access.

4. Avoid debt that doesn’t pay you. Make it a rule that you never use debt that won’t make you money. I borrowed money for a car only because I knew it could increase my income. Rich people use debt to leverage investments and grow cash flows. Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer.

5. Treat money like a jealous lover. Millions wish for financial freedom, but only those that make it a priority have millions. To get rich and stay rich you will have to make it a priority. Money is like a jealous lover. Ignore it and it will ignore you, or worse, it will leave you for someone who makes it a priority.

6. Money doesn’t sleep. Money doesn’t know about clocks, schedules or holidays, and you shouldn’t either. Money loves people that have a great work ethic. When I was 26 years old, I was in retail and the store I worked at closed at 7 p.m. Most times you could find me there at 11 p.m. making an extra sale. Never try to be the smartest or luckiest person — just make sure you outwork everyone.

7. Poor makes no sense. I have been poor, and it sucks. I have had just enough and that sucks almost as bad. Eliminate any and all ideas that being poor is somehow OK. Bill Gates has said, “If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake.”

8. Get a millionaire mentor. Most of us were brought up middle class or poor and then hold ourselves to the limits and ideas of that group. I have been studying millionaires to duplicate what they did. Get your own personal millionaire mentor and study them. Most rich people are extremely generous with their knowledge and their resources.

9. Get your money to do the heavy lifting. Investing is the Holy Grail in becoming a millionaire and you should make more money off your investments than your work. If you don’t have surplus money you won’t make investments. The second company I started required a $50,000 investment. That company has paid me back that $50,000 every month for the last 10 years. My third investment was in real estate, where I started with $350,000, a large part of my net worth at the time. I still own that property today and it continues to provide me with income. Investing is the only reason to do the other steps, and your money must work for you and do your heavy lifting.

10. Shoot for $10 million, not $1 million. The single biggest financial mistake I’ve made was not thinking big enough. I encourage you to go for more than a million. There is no shortage of money on this planet, only a shortage of people thinking big enough.

Apply these 10 steps and they will make you rich. Steer clear of people that suggest your financial dreams are born of greed. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes, be ethical, never give up, and once you make it, be willing to help others get there too.

Why Is There A 97% Failure Rate in MLM/Network Marketing

It just hit me like a “duh” moment not an “ah ha” but a “duh” Kenetra you knew that. You see most of us that are involved in Network Marketing have heard the term DUPLICATION over and over and over…right.

What is actually duplicated over 97% of the time within the Network Marketing industry is failure! Why is that? Its such a simple business model and concept yet 97% of people never make any money in the industry.

I was just looking at my own programs and just one recently that I joined this year. I’m thinking to myself this is simple and easy and anyone should be able to make it work. What I have found out though is the things that I find easy and “no brainers” is not always the case for my team. You know like sqeeuze pages, webinar software, autoresponder services, link tracking and all that marketing jazz.  It sounds good and I’m not saying I will stop using these tools but I’m going to stop trying to teach this kind of stuff to my team especially newbies.

Why…you ask?

Well for starters, people don’t need to know ANY of that stuff to get started in Network Marketing and get a paycheck by next week. We as leaders in the industry need to take things back down to the simplest of simple levels so more people can have a shot at getting a paycheck and making a living within the best industry in the world!

Now before I get into the steps to build ANY Network Marketing business you are doing, let me tell you were I think the industry has shifted and why so many are off track. Most people do not want to actually do Network Marketing, which is talking to people and building relationships. Most people want to press a button on their keyboard and like magic have checks falling from the sky.

This is why you are finding so many so called DONE FOR YOU MARKETING type products out there and the sales of those products do extremely well because most folks don’t want to grow and get over their fears and doubts and step out of their comfort zone to actually learn a skill (communication) which will pay them for life.

No, the 97%ers what to push a button and wait on a check without putting in any work or effort at all. Then they want to blame the company, their upline, the products, the pay plan and everything else besides looking in the mirror and doing a gut check.

Network Marketing is the fairest business model ever designed in my opinion. It produces more six and seven figure earners yearly than ANY other industry out there, so what’s the secret to making it work? Well let me clue you in on this…its not a secret…its just working at your business doing the key income producing activities.

Keeping the process down to a 7th and 8th grade level is the REAL key to Duplication.

If you ever want a shot of REAL Duplication, its very simple. YOU and your Team should be doing 2 things and only these 2 things to build the business…either retailing the product/service or recruiting. These are the only two things that get you paid in Network Marketing.

[headline_georgia_medium_left color=”#000000″]So how do you hone in and just focus on the income producing activities within your business.[/headline_georgia_medium_left]

1. Have constant flow of leads for YOU and your team (folks that are looking for extra income)

2. Expose the leads to your opportunity (pick up the phone and call them and ask them simply are they still looking)

3. Collect a decision after they have looked at your deal.

4. Have your team do the above 3 steps daily at least Mon-Fri.

Consistent effort is what it takes to build anything. The biggest problem with people not earning in Network Marketing is most people have to get over the mentality of “push button wealth” and get back to what works in this industry and that’s talking to people.

And if you ever plan on earning six figures or more within the Network Marketing industry, you’ll need 10-20 exposures per day to your opportunity which takes a minimum of 50 calls per day. Also please note that an “opt in” does not count as an exposure.

97% of people are not willing to call 50 or more opp seekers per day Mon-Fri to get to six figures hence why the success ratio looks the way it does within our industry.

Take a look at the top 100 Network Marketing companies on the DSA list. Are any one of these companies techie push button marketing companies? No! That should be proof enough that old fashion talking, getting to know folks, finding out their needs wants and desires is the real key to DUPLICATION. All this other stuff is smoke screens to keep you on that hamster wheel “Trying” to make your business work instead of doing what simply works as I stated above.

I hope this article has helped you in some way.!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy Duplication!

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It’s Not Always About What You’re Marketing….

Let’s talk a little bit about marketing online as a professional versus screaming NEWBIE on your forehead ;-). I believe when I’m approached about a business opportunity that its more important to me HOW the person approaches me, sometimes even more important than the product/service they are offering.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s take a look at the network marketing or mlm industry. Most of the recruiting techniques used in this day and age are outdated….go write a list of 100 family and friends and beg them to get in your deal. Yeah Right! That may work on a few people but most people won’t even give you a chance if your marketing is not the way in which they would like to market.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you are begging your prospect to get into your deal, they are put off because they don’t want to have to get in and then beg their folks to get into their deal…you catch my drift.

Now let’s switch gears here and talk about the millennium autopilot marketing that you SHOULD be doing (nudge nudge) to build your business and attract people that want to join your business because they like the ease and style of your marketing.


Never send traffic directly to your company or affiliate deal without capturing the visitors info (at bare minimum get their email address)…then follow these steps:

[green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Have a compelling offer ( I say this but know that I’ve seen the craziest biz opps and products sell online and so have you ;-) the secret is the marketing system)
  • Get an aweber or getresponse autoresponder to collect the email addresses of your website visitors.
  • Create an opt in/lead capture page (Something like this page. I just used optimizepress to do it, nothing really technical)
  • Drive targeted biz opp traffic to your page you created above.
  • Have a 5-7 day email series inside your autoresponder that goes out each day for 5-7 days to that new lead that you caputured. Your email series should EDUCATE the visitor on your product/service. Don’t just try to sell sell sell but educate educate educate and let them know how your product/service helps them do X. Use testimonials, case studies, and your own success with it if you have it.
  • If after the 5-7 day email series they have yet to buy into your deal, then hit them with a webinar pretty much covering everything you went over in the emails. Sometimes people need to see you on video a few times before they trust you. You can host your webinar via Google Hangouts or you can use this webinar tool I recommend because they don’t have a monthly fee. Obviously there are various options when it comes to webinar platforms. Don’t get caught up in the details just get it going!


This process can be more elaborate than I’ve mentioned above and you can also scale it way back, but the cool thing is once you set this up for your business, you can just go in and tweak whatever needs to be tweaked and make little adjustments that boost your conversions.

Most people want to be able to plug into an easy marketing system that they can use, so when they are looking at your business you better believe they are looking more to the marketing system you have wrapped around that business!

Any thoughts? Comments? Questions? Post below, I can talk all day about marketing ;-)


Fear of success or fear of failure?

There was a time I could remember in my not so distant past that I was totally and absolutely afraid of fear. I knew it consciously and never really knew why. All I knew is it was keeping me from achieving my goals.

I strongly believe that if we have a low self image of ourselves that this can play a major role in stifling one’s success. So what did I do to get my self image up you ask?

Well a lot of things, but primarily I would:

[red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • stay around people that would encourage me
  • read lots of mind development books
  • constantly listen to inspirational personal development
  • paid a mentor to coach me to success


There are tons of things you can do to get your mind right and focused and that thing needed to help you succeed in business and life. The key I guess is to recognize that “fear” can play a major part in why you are not getting what you want out of life. Its not fair that a little 4 letter word like that can cause so much damage in ones life but there is hope and you do have the power to change the course of your life whenever you are ready.

On my next web class I’m going to share with you a little simple mind hack one of my mentors shared with me that has set me up for life to get whatever the heck I want and desire from life. Its very powerful to feel and know that you have this power whenever you want to use it!

Not on my email list?

Click here to subscribe to my email list. I’ll also share some ways I use the internet to make a better life for myself! :)

Peace & Blessings,

Kenetra CashFlow Queen

Albert the horse

So I’ve been living on the ranch now for about two weeks.
This is a totally cool experience and also an exact
manifestation of what I put out into the universe.

It’s amazing how in every experience even thru non
humans you can see the same similarities and human
traits in animals.

Quick story:

albertI go out to feed Albert the older
horse, he’s like 32. He has few teeth so he can’t
really chew the hay like all the other horses on
the ranch, so we give him soft feed.

Well the other horses love this feed and are greedy :-)
They want to eat Albert’s food and their hay. So this
jokester, so funny he sneaks himself over to try and




snag Albert’s food. Albert just stands back and let’s him take it. The otherbrown-horse
horse was just so persistent and would not give in to me shooing him off.

He would not quit! We were in the yard literally going back and forth for
almost 30 minutes and me and Albert just gave in to him.

The moral to this story and how it relates is if humans…..meaning “US”
were as relentless as this horse to go after our dreams and not stop until
we have what we want…oh what a wonderful life…right?







Insult Recruiting

I was so tickled with this approach I was exposed to that I figured I would blog about it. I was insulted by someone that I thought was a professional in the industry but not so much. I would never join up and partner with this person even if I was paid to join the opportunity just because I do not like his approach at all. You can’t force or insult your recruits to join with you. That’s just not setting yourself up to win.

You know once you find your perfect network marketing company to promote and you get baptized into that companies philosophy, it may be a bit hard for you to hear someone tell you “No its not for me.”

Get over it! Everybody you talk to, in fact 9 out of 10 of them will not want to join your business so get over it. One thing I’m going to suggest that you don’t do is to try to insult the person or make them feel like an idiot or that they are nuts etc. for not joining your business. Everyone has their own ideas and values that attract them to certain businesses and yours may not be the one for them.

Another point is insulting the person or making them feel like they are an idiot for not joining with you will only leave a bad taste in that prospects mouth about you and your professionalism and possibly your company as a whole.

One of the things I do when prospecting with people is leave the door open for another chance to talk with them in the future. something like this “Well hey John I see the timing is not right for you right now, do you mind if I follow up with you in a few months to see if anything has changed and to also update you on my success?”

This will let your prospect know you are professional and plan to be around and having success with your business. Now its your job to go out and have some success with your company :)