Why Is There A 97% Failure Rate in MLM/Network Marketing

It just hit me like a “duh” moment not an “ah ha” but a “duh” Kenetra you knew that. You see most of us that are involved in Network Marketing have heard the term DUPLICATION over and over and over…right.

What is actually duplicated over 97% of the time within the Network Marketing industry is failure! Why is that? Its such a simple business model and concept yet 97% of people never make any money in the industry.

I was just looking at my own programs and just one recently that I joined this year. I’m thinking to myself this is simple and easy and anyone should be able to make it work. What I have found out though is the things that I find easy and “no brainers” is not always the case for my team. You know like sqeeuze pages, webinar software, autoresponder services, link tracking and all that marketing jazz.  It sounds good and I’m not saying I will stop using these tools but I’m going to stop trying to teach this kind of stuff to my team especially newbies.

Why…you ask?

Well for starters, people don’t need to know ANY of that stuff to get started in Network Marketing and get a paycheck by next week. We as leaders in the industry need to take things back down to the simplest of simple levels so more people can have a shot at getting a paycheck and making a living within the best industry in the world!

Now before I get into the steps to build ANY Network Marketing business you are doing, let me tell you were I think the industry has shifted and why so many are off track. Most people do not want to actually do Network Marketing, which is talking to people and building relationships. Most people want to press a button on their keyboard and like magic have checks falling from the sky.

This is why you are finding so many so called DONE FOR YOU MARKETING type products out there and the sales of those products do extremely well because most folks don’t want to grow and get over their fears and doubts and step out of their comfort zone to actually learn a skill (communication) which will pay them for life.

No, the 97%ers what to push a button and wait on a check without putting in any work or effort at all. Then they want to blame the company, their upline, the products, the pay plan and everything else besides looking in the mirror and doing a gut check.

Network Marketing is the fairest business model ever designed in my opinion. It produces more six and seven figure earners yearly than ANY other industry out there, so what’s the secret to making it work? Well let me clue you in on this…its not a secret…its just working at your business doing the key income producing activities.

Keeping the process down to a 7th and 8th grade level is the REAL key to Duplication.

If you ever want a shot of REAL Duplication, its very simple. YOU and your Team should be doing 2 things and only these 2 things to build the business…either retailing the product/service or recruiting. These are the only two things that get you paid in Network Marketing.

[headline_georgia_medium_left color=”#000000″]So how do you hone in and just focus on the income producing activities within your business.[/headline_georgia_medium_left]

1. Have constant flow of leads for YOU and your team (folks that are looking for extra income)

2. Expose the leads to your opportunity (pick up the phone and call them and ask them simply are they still looking)

3. Collect a decision after they have looked at your deal.

4. Have your team do the above 3 steps daily at least Mon-Fri.

Consistent effort is what it takes to build anything. The biggest problem with people not earning in Network Marketing is most people have to get over the mentality of “push button wealth” and get back to what works in this industry and that’s talking to people.

And if you ever plan on earning six figures or more within the Network Marketing industry, you’ll need 10-20 exposures per day to your opportunity which takes a minimum of 50 calls per day. Also please note that an “opt in” does not count as an exposure.

97% of people are not willing to call 50 or more opp seekers per day Mon-Fri to get to six figures hence why the success ratio looks the way it does within our industry.

Take a look at the top 100 Network Marketing companies on the DSA list. Are any one of these companies techie push button marketing companies? No! That should be proof enough that old fashion talking, getting to know folks, finding out their needs wants and desires is the real key to DUPLICATION. All this other stuff is smoke screens to keep you on that hamster wheel “Trying” to make your business work instead of doing what simply works as I stated above.

I hope this article has helped you in some way.!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy Duplication!

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