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Fear of success or fear of failure?

There was a time I could remember in my not so distant past that I was totally and absolutely afraid of fear. I knew it consciously and never really knew why. All I knew is it was keeping me from achieving my goals.

I strongly believe that if we have a low self image of ourselves that this can play a major role in stifling one’s success. So what did I do to get my self image up you ask?

Well a lot of things, but primarily I would:

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  • stay around people that would encourage me
  • read lots of mind development books
  • constantly listen to inspirational personal development
  • paid a mentor to coach me to success


There are tons of things you can do to get your mind right and focused and that thing needed to help you succeed in business and life. The key I guess is to recognize that “fear” can play a major part in why you are not getting what you want out of life. Its not fair that a little 4 letter word like that can cause so much damage in ones life but there is hope and you do have the power to change the course of your life whenever you are ready.

On my next web class I’m going to share with you a little simple mind hack one of my mentors shared with me that has set me up for life to get whatever the heck I want and desire from life. Its very powerful to feel and know that you have this power whenever you want to use it!

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Peace & Blessings,

Kenetra CashFlow Queen

Albert the horse

So I’ve been living on the ranch now for about two weeks.
This is a totally cool experience and also an exact
manifestation of what I put out into the universe.

It’s amazing how in every experience even thru non
humans you can see the same similarities and human
traits in animals.

Quick story:

albertI go out to feed Albert the older
horse, he’s like 32. He has few teeth so he can’t
really chew the hay like all the other horses on
the ranch, so we give him soft feed.

Well the other horses love this feed and are greedy :-)
They want to eat Albert’s food and their hay. So this
jokester, so funny he sneaks himself over to try and




snag Albert’s food. Albert just stands back and let’s him take it. The otherbrown-horse
horse was just so persistent and would not give in to me shooing him off.

He would not quit! We were in the yard literally going back and forth for
almost 30 minutes and me and Albert just gave in to him.

The moral to this story and how it relates is if humans…..meaning “US”
were as relentless as this horse to go after our dreams and not stop until
we have what we want…oh what a wonderful life…right?